Welcome to Orange County’s #1 Best Medical Marijauna Delivery Service! South County Meds believes every legal patient should have safe, convenient access to medicinal cannabis without visiting a dispensary.

Marijuana delivered to you. It’s simple and easy. That’s right. Why drive to a marijuana dispensary (who may or may not be legal) when we can drive the marijuana to you? The S.C.M menu features a variety of your favorite flowers, edible brands, hash, wax, concentrates and beverages. We also provide all the gear needed for a new patient or seasoned pro.

This is really a thing? Oh yes. Home delivery is how the people have been receiving their medical marijuana for years. Many people do not want to walk into a public store front or dispensary. PRIVACY IS OUR PRIORITY. South County Meds makes fast, safe, discreet, legal marijuana delivery available to everyone.

The owners of South County Meds take great pride in the service and work very hard to elevate the quality of businesses in the cannabis space. South County Meds is here to serve the community, not denigrate it. Please be safe, consume responsibly and support the organizations and elected officials who continue to fight for your rights.